Serving the East Valley; Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan, Queen Creek, Tempe, & Chandler

meet & 


Get to know more about the services offered at Honey & Hope, ask questions and talk all things birth.

Option to meet in person or virtually. 

No strings attached!

pregnancy & labor 


  • Get answers to your questions, talk through fears, expectations & decisions. 

  • 2 meetings in Home to prepare for birth/learn coping skills

  • Pregnancy, birth, baby, and postpartum resources

  • Physical & emotional support in labor

  • On call from 38-42 weeks

  • Postpartum visit




Honey & Hope Packages:

Two 1.5 hour meetings in the comfort of your home.

Learn about birth options, build a birth plan, learn coping skills and so much more!

*These meetings are tailored to each woman's specific needs.