Mckayl (CBD)

Founder of Honey & Hope Doula Services

A native to Arizona, born and raised in a small town of the White Mountains. She now resides in desert city of Mesa. She is a wife & Mama to three, an ultrasound tech, a certified birth doula and VBAC Academy Pro. Mckayl's guiding principle on birth is that women have an innate intuition that will guide them through the process. She encourages her clients to take an active role in their birth. As your Doula she creates a safe place to ask questions, learn evidence based information, gain knowledge and feel empowered! 

Honey & Hope Doula Services focuses on education. Mckayl believes knowledge is the key to a powerful birth.


The Story Behind The Name.

Honey & Hope sprouted from the healing birth of my darling daughter. After experiencing a traumatic first birth (cesarean),  I was determined to do things differently, I set off on a path of educating myself about birth. This sparked a fire in me and ultimately led me to doula work. In middle of the night, in a quiet birth center, surrounded by women who knew my strength when I didn't, I brought my baby into this world. She healed me, and that experience forever changed me. I witnessed the power that comes from women supporting women. In honor of my daughter, who we lovingly call Honey, and the women who showed me true support & empowerment. This work is for you. The message in my work is one of Hope. My pregnancy with my daughter brought me hope of a baby that would soon be in my arms, I hoped for the birth experience I was denied the first time, and when all was said and done I lay there in the golden morning light, joyfully crying over the sweetest experience of my life. Now I get to help other women have an experience they will cherish, and I know there is no greater calling in life than this one.